Single Wall Tile

River Valley Pipe LLC offers what we truly feel is the most consistent, durable tile on the market.

We manufacture  3″,4″,5″ & 6″ tile, with 100% virgin resin.

We manufacture 3″ & 4″ with a portion of recycled material.

We also carry 8″, 10″ 12″, and 15″


Why lime green? The obvious advantage is visibility.

Installing the pipe is an advantage for the laborers in the dig-ins and for backhoe operators trying to get as close as they can.

The biggest reason River Valley Pipe, LLC wants to separate themselves with a lime green pipe is to show our pride in the quality and work that goes into each roll of tile that leaves our yard.


Dual Wall Tile

All of our dual wall product is currently ADS pipe.

We keep enough in stock to fulfill any small and large orders.
In most all cases we are next day delivery.


Ordering now does not confirm your order.

Once you place an order we will contact you via phone, email, or text to confirm your request.

You can also email or text a Google Pin to us to let us know where your order needs to be delivered!

Our large maxis are built with contractors in mind.

To improve efficiency and performance in the field.


3″ : 6500   4″: 3600   5″ : 2050   6″ : 1500